Join Us
How can I volunteer?

-Anyone with the desire to be a part of team Yuvatha, can fill in your details here:CLICK HERE

Why should I join team Yuvatha?

-In addition to the matchless satisfaction of being a part of a change wave, Yuvatha volunteers also get a chance to connect with a zealous and highly motivated group of people from exciting backgrounds. Those who work with us for more than six months also get a certificate of recognition for their selfless contribution. Most importantly, our volunteers go home everyday with a bunch of memories that are otherwise hard to gather.

Who are we looking for?

-You don’t need to have a fancy degree in social work. If you think you are ready to selflessly extend a helping hand to your brethren, join us now.

How can I donate to Yuvatha?

-You can contribute to a cause of your interest in the form of time, money, or articles. To make donations, simply reach us either by mail or a phone call. Our volunteers will get back to you in no time.

What will my donation be used for?

-Our team is always busy organizing events across the city. The donations you make will help us significantly to gather up food and resources needed for the same.

Every penny you give will be accounted for, and our follow up team will mail you the details of where, how, and when your contribution was put to use.