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  • ECO – HUB

    “Eco Hub”, a chapter dedicated to building awareness about the gravity of ecological damage today

  • Helping hands

    For a hand held forth is worth two in prayers. We deal with issues related to poverty, health, finance, sanitation.

Like all this bright and beautiful, Yuvatha began small and fiery. A small group of young students came together, driven by the common desire to be the change they wished to see in the society.
Ask any volunteer, and he would tell you without a moment of doubt that Yuvatha’s defining moment came when a bunch of school children chose to spend their New Year Day with cancer afflicted children, at MNJ Cancer Hospital. Fuelled by the little ones’ innocence and happiness, Yuvatha gathered strength to stand today as a wide network of purposeful individuals (students, professionals and non-professionals), seeking to bring about positive change in the society.
Yuvatha officially inaugurated on 29th June, 2011 and registered under the Registrar of Civil Societies with the registration number 339/11.
As are there chapters to every beautiful story, there are three to the organization: Eco Hub, Helping Hands, and Gifting Future. Though operating at two …

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